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Practical Tuition & Workshops for Camera Clubs

All our sessions can be tailored to your specific needs but we have run the following in these formats.

Introduction to Photoshop Elements                          £300.00

Adobe Photoshop Elements is the cut down version of the Adobe Photoshop CC Software and contains most of the features of the professional version but with fewer and simpler options. It is ideal for someone just starting out on their photographic journey and wants to take the next step by making digital adjustments to get the best out of their images The course can be run over over 4 weeks in addition to your normal club meetings or it can be a one day session . 

The Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements training will enable your members to learn the differences in file formats, how to keep file sizes down and how to enhance images efficiently using Adjustment Layers. In addition, they will learn how to remove distractions in images and remove blemishes, marks and scratches as well as create those ever so popular effects used in wedding photography. 

Members will have to bring their own laptops pre-loaded with Photoshop Elements. We’ll be using the latest version of Photoshop Elements but our tutorials are suitable to be learnt using Elements 12 or above. We supply all images and a handouts. Suitable for complete beginners but basic computer literacy is required.

Introduction to Photoshop Lightroom                            £250.00

A full day course will give your members the opportunity to learn how to adjust photographs using the power of Lightroom’s Develop Module using Presets, Global and Local Adjustments. The course also will provide the essential skills needed by photographers to get the most out of their Lightroom software. The day also includes how to use Adobe Lightroom to effectively import, process, manage and easily display members images. It is an ideal course to lay the foundation for creating a more efficient workflow for image processing. Members will use their own laptops pre-loaded with Photoshop Lightroom and as it is quite intensive we would suggest that they will need a little computer expertise.

Photoshop CC Introduction                                         £250.00

A full day course run in two 3 hour morning and afternoon sessions giving students an understanding of the core elements of the software along with the tools and palettes used most frequently for image enhancement.

The full day workshops can also be run over 4 weeks with an additional primer session but will be charged at £300.00.

In all of these courses the students will be introduced to Image Adjustment Software and will be taught how to edit and enhance photos using a simple to follow workflow and techniques.


Macro and Close –up Workshop            £125.00 per session

Run in two sessions as a full day workshop as above or can be split into two practical evenings. Starting with a short discussion on the technique and then the opportunity to take images using 3 or 4 sets, we expect this to take up to 3 hours. The second session will follow up with some creative editing techniques including blending modes using Photoshop CC or Elements or Lightroom.

Per Session

Monochrome                                            £125.00 per session

Again this is run in two sessions as a full day workshop or can be split into two practical evenings. After a short discussion on technique and setting up your camera for black and white photography we will visit to a suitable venue to take some images. The second session will follow with some creative black and white conversions and creative techniques such as split toning. This course is aimed at more experienced digital camera owners wanting a challenge.

Per Session

Photography & Art                                     £125.00 per session

How many times has a judge visiting your club has said to your members? –  “I’ve seen this image many times before and again this one is no different from all the others.”  If you’ve heard this before then then this session is just right for your club. In it we discuss how photography and art combine to create images that are more than just technically perfect. This is about involving elements of design and art with images that set photographs apart from the “run of the mill” images we see everywhere.  In  the session we’ll be making use of the power of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom by developing a workflow that includes aspects of TONE, COLOUR and ARTISTIC EFFECTS to develop a style that is uniquely the photographers.


Per Session

What Does a Judge Look For?              £125.00 per session

Have you ever wondered what a judge looks for when reviewing an image?  In this session we delve into the mind of a judge and explore elements of an image from the perspective of being a judge by asking ourselves whether we really understand the image that we’ve entered into the club’s competitions. We look at some simple questions we should ask ourselves before submitting an image and discover the secrets of being self critical of our images.


Per Session

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