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I am really fired up photographically speaking by a book I recently purchased entitled “Photograph Like a Thief” by Glyn Dewis and published by Rocky Nook.  Glyn puts forward the notion that if you want to develop your own personal photography style then look to the work of other photographers who inspire you and figure out what it is that you like about their work. and incorporate some of those elements into your own work. to make something new – hence the title of his book. He’s keen to point out that he doesn’t want us to become actual thieves but to respect the work and rights of  other photographers.

This book is a mine of information as Glyn takes you through his different styles and his post processing techniques from start to finish using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC. Although the subject is quite technical Glyn writes in a way that is easy to follow as he provides the reader with some great insights into the approaches he has taken in the development of his photography style.

Glyn’s YouTube channel and blog are also well worth checking out. Enjoy!