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I’ve always been really impressed with photographs that have been taken in really low light particularly architectural or cityscapes. Now I’m not one for copying the work of others and have merely used their work to inspire me as I develop my own photographic skills. Two such photographers are:

Halász Gyula born in Hungary in 1899 but spent most of his working life in Paris using the name Brassai. His 1933 book “Paris by Night” is a masterpiece of low-light photography depicting scenes and a side of life that surprised many Parisians.  A copy of this book can be found in The Forum Library, Norwich, Norfolk and further information and examples of his work are available at:  http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2014/01/07/the-piercing-eye-of-brassai-a-brief-history-of-a-master-photographer

Julianne Gospodarou a Greek fine art photographer who specializes in architectural photography and is the author of “From Basics to Fine Art – Black and White Photography”.  Her work is exhibited throughout the world and is a superb example of what can be achieved by seeing things from a “different perspective.”  Her web site is well worth a visit: www.juliaannagospodarou.com